Portfolio Coach focuses on helping the little guy; the individual or family that has less than $200,000 in investable assets. That is the same person that big boys, the Goldman Sachs, the Smith Barneys and the Merrill Lynchs of the world want nothing to do with. The gap will continue to grow between the have and have-nots if no one steps up to help those that are just starting out. It has been estimated that more than 98% of the American population have less than $200,000 in investable assets. Our goal is to help that group grow their assets and ultimately make a difference.

Professionals have found that it’s more important not to lose money than to make money. That is why over 90% of professional investors actively trade their portfolio while the rest of us who do not have the time or access to their tools must buy and hold hoping that a particular stock will go up over time but participating in the roller coaster ride that exists to get there. We have also created a website where fellow self-directed investors can share ideas, comment on individual stocks, portfolios and strategies. We are here to give you not only success to the tools but have already done the work for you by providing you the trades that our professionals and strategist will be doing before they do them. If you chose you can make the same trades as the pros when they make them. Together I believe we can help level the playing field.

Unlike other so called “Robo-Advisors” Portfolio Coach™ does not take control of your money or force you into age driven computer modeled allocations nor do we believe in the outdated “Buy and Hold” stock strategy; rather we use the Five Star Portfolio data to provide Buy and Sell signals to you for evaluating and if you chose making the trades in your own online trading account thereby allowing you to be in control of your money at all time. Trades are provided on Sunday which gives you time to research before executing the trades on Monday morning like the professional advisors are doing for their clients. If you follow the trades your results should mirror those of the financial professionals, the only difference would be execution price and of course the fees you save by doing it yourself.